heidi loftus

sewing instructor

Heidi Loftus has worked as a dressmaker in Germany at the international publishing house of AENNE BURDA MODEN. This is the world’s largest fashion publishing house which produces magazines with the widest circulation among sewing enthusiasts in 16 languages in 89 different countries.

During her 3 year apprenticeship at BURDA, she learned every aspect of the dressmaker’s craft and, in the last year of her apprenticeship, completed kids clothes for the company’s monthly fashion magazine BURDA STYLE. Skilled in using different fabric types, she also produced pants, skirts and jackets independently.

Sewing and being creative have always been among her biggest hobbies. She continues to tailor clothes and garments for her family, as well as private clients and, most of all, simply loves and appreciates the work of handmade and tailored items.

Heidi also has a teaching degree in Sports, Home Economics and Textile Handicrafts and has taught all of these subjects at different age levels.

She lives in Port Washington with her husband and 2 daughters.