Video Game Art VGA

FRIDAY- 4:00 -5:30
Haven Art Studios is proud to announce a brand new class surrounding the kid friendly Video Game culture this Fall 2015. Video games can be a great learning tool and a way to solve complex puzzles as well as spending time with friends and family. But Video Games can also become repetitive and get in the way of homework and socializing with fellow friends. At Haven we have turned the tables on Video games and invite our students to learn about the history of Video Games while learning to reproduce and create certain characters like Mario, Sonic, Princess Toadstool, Zelda, Mega-man, Pikachu, and even the recent craze Mindcraft (trust me, your child will understand) while also building their creative spirit in creating our own landscapes and unique characters. In VGA at Haven Art studios, we will study the foundations of drawing, painting, and mixed media while learning about Video Game Culture. Enroll your child today and turn the tables on video games!