Haven Art Studio

children's classes at haven art studio

back to basics/ technical drawing - mondays 4:00- 5:30

welcome to the class designed to to teach you everything you need to know to start drawing and learning all the basic skills for creating drawing that will pop off the page

in this class you will receive expert art instruction that will introduce you to the techniques of self-expression through drawing. learn fundamental techniques in our beginner drawing classes, including: pencil & charcoal shading, how to create composition, line, realism, abstraction, cross hatching, values, shading, perspective, where your child will gain ability to draw with accuracy and confidence and most importantly, how to find your own personal style. we keep the size of our beginner drawing classes small, with a maximum of 12 students. these techniques will be used while learning how to draw still life, faces, landscapes, animals, & more.

drawing/ painting- thursdays 4:30- 6:00

welcome to the class designed to to teach you many different drawing and painting techniques

in this class the focus is on painting first while honing in on our drawing skills at the same time. we will practice, learn & deepen our knowledge of drawing techniques including line, shading, scale, perspective, dimension, contrast, value scales, and composition.
we will focus on new watercolor painting techniques including color mixing, paint application, gradiated washes, pooling color, texture, layering, composition, brushwork, & more.  students that love to draw and are eager to paint what they draw this is the class for you.

mixed media/art history- tues, wed, friday and sat

this class is designed for students that LOVE to explore all sorts of artistic mediums

this unique class, loved by parents and kids alike, encourages young artists-in-the-making to explore ALL artistic mediums as well as learn about many famous artists and art movements and different styles, such as pop art, impressionism, realism, abstract and more. mixed media is for all students who just love art and love all kinds of art. we teach numerous skills in this class and use many different materials. print making, hand building sculpting skill using clay, drawing and painting. you name we do it in this class. We never repeat a project, so your child will create a brand new art project in every single class you register for.

tween/ teen wheel- wednesday 6:30 - 8:30

welcome to the tween/teen pottery

The class starts with learning to center the clay on the wheel. This is easier said than done. The slightest off-centered landing of the clay becomes exacerbated by the spinning & an unsteady foot on the peddle. in this 2 hour specialty course we begin with the basic fundamentals of wheel thrown pottery: wedging, centering, pulling, trimming, glazing, and basic studio etiquette. You will learn what is involved in constructing a pot. our goal for this class is to give you an introduction to ceramics and the ability to make functional pottery. intermediate students also have hands-on instruction in hand building & working with our slab roller, decorating & glazing all their finished pottery pieces.

accelerated art- tuesdays 6:30- 8:30

welcome to our most advanced drawing course. this course will get your child portfolio ready creating numerous works of art simultaneously

this 2 hours specialty course is for students who are passionate about art, creativity, and self-expression and are looking to build a portfolio, this art class is a perfect fit for you! you will learn how to deepen your knowledge of artistic techniques, strengthen your visual arts skills, develop your own unique style, this art class for teens will guide you every step of the way in creating winning artwork for your own enjoyment and art portfolio. Through our expert instruction our students will have instructed guidance according to individualized needs, goals, and interests. In this fun and engaging Drawing, Painting, and Portfolio Prep Art Class, you will: develop a variety of high-quality, original artworks in drawing, painting and mixed-media. create quality drawings, paintings, & artworks using different visual art techniques, we will practice the creation of observational drawing & painting, including artwork inspired by still life, portraiture, figurative art, abstraction & more. your child will learn how to create artwork inspired by your own imagination and personal, authentic self-expression.

*most art supplies are included.

mostly clay - monday 4:30 -6:00

if your child loves working with his hands this course is wonderful for dexterity- its all about clay

There are several ways to turn raw clay into a piece of pottery for both functional and decorative use. we start this course teaching basic hand building skills. Pinch pots are the easiest clay making project for beginners. They’re made exactly how they sound: clay pinched into the shape of a bowl, pot or dish. clay is fantastic for dexterity and creativity. the sky is the limit when it comes to clay. if your child loves to sculpt and build with his hands this is the best course for them.

junior art club- wednesday & friday

calling all our budding artists

calling all budding artists for the #1-rated kids art lessons, our classes for juniors are engaging, & we make learning art fun! our goal in this class is to teach and introduce all artistic mediums, techniques while encouraging all our young artists-with step-by-step art instruction that is easy to follow. we use all artistic mediums in this course including clay, mosaics, collage, and lots of drawing and painting. our budding artist will feel proud as they finish beautiful art to exhibit at home!

fashion/ sewing- monday & tuesdays 4:00- 6:00

welcome to the class designed to to teach you everything you need to know to start sewing and designing items of your dreams

the skills & techniques you’ll learn in this 2 hour specialty course led by our outstanding instructor /fashionista will inspire and engage your creativity as you discover the joy of sewing your own clothes from scratch. our comprehensive sewing process teaches you how to sew clothes from first stitch to finished garment. The first section of the class will walk you through all the key information on the sewing machines where you need to know to get started. In the second section, we will show you how to construct all three of the garment patterns. You’ll develop the skills necessary to sew a pillows, purses, hats, gloves, a classic flared skirt, and chic pants or shorts, opening the door to your wildest fashion and sewing dreams. whether you’ve never sewn a stitch or are simply looking to brush up on your skills, you will feel completely confident sewing and creating a totally unique wardrobe that fills you with pride.